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Amazon Fire Wake Screens

During my time at Amazon over the Q4 period I created a range of animated wake screen ads for the fire tablet to cater for Black Friday and Christmas promotions. Adhering to the tight specifications of the placement and considering best practice to make the user journey as simple as possible with clear language and UI design.

Along with creating the initial layout of the portrait and landscape views, I was responsible for creating the placements on the amazon platform to distribute the creatives once approved. Applications and skills used during the project: Salesforce, Sketch, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Lego Amazon Landing Page

To coincide with the TV campaign planned for Christmas, I designed and created a custom landing page for the Amazon UK page to highlight key products. I was responsible for a basic UX of the creative, along with the build onto Amazon’s platform.

A secondary function of the custom landing page was to act as a gift guide, directing the user to a list of Lego products sold on Amazon depending on interests and ages of the planned presents. Applications and skills used during the project: Salesforce, Sketch, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Tuborg Open To More

A suite of social posts were created to be released alongside Grey’s first TV ad for Tuborg. With extra footage of all the characters that made an appearance in the ad, short cuts were made from these for social use. Brand awareness came in the form of the clockman logo, bulging in over the video as a sign off at the end.

Time Remapping was a valuable tool creating these, helping especially with the looping versions. Other editing skills with masking allowed alternative methods of revealing text within the creative suite. Applications and skills used during the project: Illustrator, and After Effects.

M&S Christmas 2017

With the M&S tie up with the release of Paddington 2 for their Christmas ad, there was a push on social to get the Christmas campaign across all social channels. Involving short bumpers, boomerangs using footage from the main TV ad. More traditional methods followed with the social video suite to producing online banners, and an example for a production company to follow.

The turnaround time was very tight due to releasing this mix of social and digital advertising at the same time the TV ad went live. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, and After Effects.

M&S Food, Christmas 2017

One of the most impressive social videos out of the suite I produced for the M&S Christmas food campaign was the parallax scene over a table full of Christmas food, showing the range of food M&S were promoting for the festive season. The items themselves were cut out from campaign photography and comped together in After Effects, while careful animation and control of the camera on the timeline was refined to create a fly through over the table scene, showing a main product at the end before cutting to the logo.

The posts were targeting mobile social users, and the vertical video especially presented a few challenges in keeping a nice view of the scene within a narrow width window. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and After Effects.

Bruno Banani Opening Lines

Following the awful dates theme from the previous social posts in 2016, Opening Lines took the dating theme further than the previous, with awkward texts sent by each of the characters. Focusing on lots of facial expressions within a split screen concept to show the shock and dismay the crazy hopefuls inflict at the same time. The production agency in charge of filming, supplied lots of footage, allowing freedom for choice of cuts and editing within the film.

The project started with a rough animated storyboard using ungraded footage to get the concept approved by the client, to then go into full production for what would go live on social channels. Applications and skills used during the project: Illustrator, Animate, and After Effects.

Tuborg Open

On the digital side of new business pitch for Tuborg, I was involved in bringing a concept for a social app to life through design and a video animation created in After Effects to demo the product. The intention was to make the app look as real as possible, including all the little details like interaction, swiping, selecting images, and a fully flowing messenger window for the chatbot section.

This video was modified later after the pitch to help sell in a chatbot idea that eventually went into production and released in Eastern Europe. Along with a version that was populated in content for the Asian markets such as China for possible use there. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects.

Barilla Global Platform

With many operations across the world, the websites lacked consistency with each region. TMW Unlimited was asked to come up with a global solution for markets to use. The team adopted a user centered design approach, identifying various personas and their requirements. The design of modules were heavily reviewed and tested throughout.

I was involved in many sprint sessions throughout the project, working closely with UX and Development to be sure our ideas and solutions were possible. Getting an insight into what websites appealed to the client, the initial creative process started with forming three style tiles, to present three possible design routes using that inspiration to get very close to the vision Barilla had in their minds sooner within a very big project. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and Illustrator. HTML / CSS for presentations during sprints.

A Forest of Wormholes

After countless experiments with Actionscript and a few large online projects, I never got the chance to make a game because of the focus moving away from Flash over to HTML5 at the time. With my time spent learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript I decided back in 2013 this would be the perfect time to push my skills in developing a game for an experiment. Gameplay involves navigating through the portals to progress to further levels, eventually having to defeat enemies through battles involving paper / rock / scissors.

Part maze, part adventure, and my attempt at an RPG was good experience in further learning web development away from Flash. My only regret with the project, relying on jQuery for the whole build, maybe one day I’ll rewrite this project to run smoother on today’s modern browsers. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and Illustrator. HTML, CSS, JSON, and Javascript.

thebar.com Editorial Version

Diageo wanted some options with thebar.com to promote various products at various seasonal points in the year. A proposal to look at making the landing page more editorial was requested, pushing more than one article or link within the header, followed by further drink mixing content below within the rest of the page.

A second part to the project was to look at a new section within the site in the form of a hub of articles, that could be used as a blog. With a purpose of highlighting drink events, seasonal cocktails, recipes, and highlight various diageo products. A freeier approach was adopted with these layout compared to the more structured look and feel of thebar.com. Sadly none of these concepts came to light other than the split header on the current website. Nevertheless, It was a fun exercise in layout experiments. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Infiniti Website Style Guide

With the completion of both design and development on the infiniti.eu website, the project was ready to not only go live, but the next phase of shipping the project to new markets within Europe could now begin as planned. In order to follow consistency and continue the design I set in place, the client agreed we needed an online hub to house a style guide that these new markets could refer to and follow during the creation of tailored content for their regions.

A very detailed look was included within the pages for interaction states, typography, form modules, pixel sizes, and how marketing emails would follow the design style of the parent site they were sent from. Research before the project involved in looking at best in class examples available from UX articles and blogs, to get an idea of how to make the pages as useful as possible to current leading standards and presenting the detailed information. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and Illustrator.

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