Take:90, Police Now

The Take:90 campaign was launched in the summer of 2018 to tackle the increasing rise of aggression within cities and educating the public about the psychology of anger. The campaign consisted of a launch film, a website, and a range of digital and social media communications.

I was involved in assisting with the creation and build of the rich digital banners, animating some of the emoji styled characters within the short clips. Secondary to that task came the production of the Social and DOOH placements which were very simple typographic animations. Applications and skills used during the project: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Illustrator, and After Effects.

Tuborg Open

To highlight a new track created by Diplo and MØ espcially for Tuborg, I created a suite of social video posts for each of their social accounts, mainly intended for Instagram. Asset wise, a promotional video was available to us, along with extra behind the scenes footage. I used a glitchy text treatment, to help be consistent with what the production agency had used on some of their promotional video.

This aided hard cuts within the videos to be more visually interesting. The main priority with these was the vertical video posts, later resized to the more familiar square format. Applications and skills used during the project: Illustrator, and After Effects.

Gillette Sensor 3

Part of a digital tool kit to promote the New Sensor 3 cool blade required the production of social media videos, two of these were single square posts and another linking two videos to be housed within a Facebook carousel. To communicate the coolness of the gel and razor required various techniques to fake steam and ice effects within After Effects to get the animation looking just right.

The flow of each animation was first mocked up in Photoshop, and these were created in such a way that they could be easily implemented into After Effects to help speed up the production. Applications and skills used during the project: After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Tuborg Open To More

A suite of social posts were created to be released alongside Grey’s first TV ad for Tuborg. With extra footage of all the characters that made an appearance in the ad, short cuts were made from these for social use. Brand awareness came in the form of the clockman logo, bulging in over the video as a sign off at the end.

Time Remapping was a valuable tool creating these, helping especially with the looping versions. Other editing skills with masking allowed alternative methods of revealing text within the creative suite. Applications and skills used during the project: Illustrator, and After Effects.


M&S Christmas 2017

With the M&S tie up with the release of Paddington 2 for their Christmas ad, there was a push on social to get the Christmas campaign across all social channels. Involving short bumpers, boomerangs using footage from the main TV ad. More traditional methods followed with the social video suite to producing online banners, and an example for a production company to follow.

The turnaround time was very tight due to releasing this mix of social and digital advertising at the same time the TV ad went live. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, and After Effects.

M&S Food, Christmas 2017

One of the most impressive social videos out of the suite I produced for the M&S Christmas food campaign was the parallax scene over a table full of Christmas food, showing the range of food M&S were promoting for the festive season. The items themselves were cut out from campaign photography and comped together in After Effects, while careful animation and control of the camera on the timeline was refined to create a fly through over the table scene, showing a main product at the end before cutting to the logo.

The posts were targeting mobile social users, and the vertical video especially presented a few challenges in keeping a nice view of the scene within a narrow width window. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and After Effects.

Tuborg Open

On the digital side of new business pitch for Tuborg, I was involved in bringing a concept for a social app to life through design and a video animation created in After Effects to demo the product. The intention was to make the app look as real as possible, including all the little details like interaction, swiping, selecting images, and a fully flowing messenger window for the chatbot section.

This video was modified later after the pitch to help sell in a chatbot idea that eventually went into production and released in Eastern Europe. Along with a version that was populated in content for the Asian markets such as China for possible use there. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects.

M&S Back To School

After the two summer campaigns for food and clothing, the next big one was for the Back To School Range. This creative for a Facebook carousel took some patience with masking out the kids to reveal the various offers M&S wanted to promote during peak uniform buying periods. The intense masking and jumping frame by frame for some of the footage, this project was certainly a labour of love. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and After Effects.

M&S Food, Summer 2017

To coincide with the TV and print advertising for the M&S summer food campaign, I helped produce a suite of assets for social videos. At the time Facebook had just started accepting the vertical video format to make more use of mobile displays. Our creative took this as the primary size to begin all our video creatives.

The concept of these quick teasers is a split screen view of the food alongside a mediterranean theme or scenery that the food range took influence from with colours and tastes. To complete the body of work, various banner placements were designed keeping the same idea across both the social and online advertising. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, Animate, and After Effects.

M&S Summer 2017

Promoting the summer range was the first Marks and Spencer project I was involved in after Grey won the account. The main focus was on various video placements for outdoor media across the country, the media ran on screens in places such as train stations, shopping centers and similar. The creatives all followed the new creative branding set out for the Spend It Well campaign run by Grey.

Many different versions had to be created due to many media specifications and screen sizes, it was quite a challenge to keep the whole creative package consistent, relying on a layout grid more than ever for all video layouts. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects.

Bruno Banani Opening Lines

Following the awful dates theme from the previous social posts in 2016, Opening Lines took the dating theme further than the previous, with awkward texts sent by each of the characters. Focusing on lots of facial expressions within a split screen concept to show the shock and dismay the crazy hopefuls inflict at the same time. The production agency in charge of filming, supplied lots of footage, allowing freedom for choice of cuts and editing within the film.

The project started with a rough animated storyboard using ungraded footage to get the concept approved by the client, to then go into full production for what would go live on social channels. Applications and skills used during the project: Illustrator, Animate, and After Effects.


Bruno Banani Dating Profiles

A production company had formed two videos for the German fragrance Bruno Banani. As these were too long for the likes of Facebook and Instagram posts, I was assigned the task to form separate cuts to meet the social guidelines for video posts. Other than editing and splitting the video up, some new graphics were redesigned and added to fill the space better. It was important for these social edits to be as consistent as possible with the longer edits to keep consistency with the campaign. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects.

Gillette 9 Lives

From a large tool kit of assets ranging from online banners, social media posts, to video posts, these two were my favourite boomerang loops to fill a very short space of time. Trying a few new methods in keeping the loop and smooth as possible. All the creativity focused on how their latest razor could last for up to ten shaves. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and After Effects.


The Bombus Pet

After minor use of After Effects at university one of my first side projects after graduating was a short animation. Mixing my interest in textures and materials to create a fun little art project involving a disgruntled user with a virtual bee pet. After some research how the sting of a bee attracts others as a form of protection, is certainly an underlying theme within the animation. I even ventured into stop frame animation sequences for some parts of the film. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, SoundEdit, and After Effects.