UI Design


National Grid Refresh

The key focus for all of this was to incorporate the latest brand guidelines into the main national grid family of sites, improve navigation and usability of tired templates, and make the website feel more current and richer if there was a need for it. I worked closely with a joint UI UX designer to help create a range of templates and together produce a UI kit outlining a whole library of new components with a consistent brand treatment. There were a lot of challenges to overcome, not just from a visual perspective but how some newer components could be maximised to be used on editorial pages instead of very informative ones.

Usability was considered at every point throughout the design process and this started within the UX. Towards the end of the project I also got involved in a discovery task, experimenting with some of the other pages and how they could adopt the new design through simple CSS editing with the global styles. This practice involved playing with the current site within the browsers dev tools, and manually adjusting the page to see what could be achieved. Along with design, prototyping, and interaction with the client side team throughout it was a project that pulled a whole range of my skill set.

Shell Recharge

My involvement in this project wasn’t the usual position of designing the UI, but focusing more on the build side taking the designs from a UI / UX designer within Shell New Motion and working with the developers to build the pages out in a third party app in BigCommerce. To match the design and style coming from the Zeplin links involved a fair amount of custom elements and modifying them with CSS, relying heavily on flex-box properties.

To help build the pages and to get the backgrounds and icons working correctly involved resorting away from the text editor and using Sketch and Photoshop to export assets to assist the build. This is the first project using such a dev tool intended for hybrid digital designers and enjoyed learning at speed alongside the daily tasks from the brief.

National Grid Prototype

In the early stages of the National Grid web refresh project there was a requirement to present the design direction and concepts to stakeholders of the organisation. I suggested to fully sell in the creative would be to prototype up a rich header using the design elements from sketch. The prototype was fairly quick to build with taking sliced up png’s from the Sketch files and building them into a web page with HTML & CSS that would use a scroll effect with the title overlaid on a looping video created in After Effects.


MDL BEAST Festival

Cohaesus was asked at the eleventh hour to help design and produce the festival website for one of the first EDM festivals in Saudi Arabia. Brand guidelines had been set for the festival artwork along with the social side, while the UI creation had some parameters to follow, but with a small creative team of myself, a videographer, and an art director based in New York we worked together to help make this the rich festival site they were originally hoping for.

A mobile first approach was employed as the usage of this website would be at the festival. For the tight deadline we relied on a wordpress theme to do some of the base styling, I had to keep this in mind while trying to not go off on a tangent with the UI design to help the development side of build. The project reached its deadline to do a reveal in the form of a counter and some other updated pages were added as a second phase. A range of tools were used over the course of the project such as Sketch, InVision, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Handley House App concept

From a client design workshop there was a requirement to fully flesh out some of the preferred concepts into an app that would cover the Handley House group of companies. This would work in the form of company intranet within a phone app. It would offer access to project briefs, a company - client chat functionality, news, inspiration project boards, and notifications all held in one place.

Stage one involved working closely with UX to scope out the pages along with research in similar online tools that do a similar task. Stage two led to fully creating the designs page by page in Sketch, once these were fully approved, I moved on to stage three to create the design as a rich animated experience using Framer. This project was quite a learning curve and lent on my Javascript skills with learning how to use the React API within Framer to best get the designs to flow and animate as intended. For sure this was the most technical project I have done to date.

Local Gems

This was an internal project to attempt to do ‘headless e-commerce” with big commerce, a member of the team’s other half was creating and selling home made chilli jam and the idea would be to add these into the set meal boxes of pastries, and other fresh food items sourced from Margate. Apart from the UI design of the main e-commerce site there were other tasks such as the branding with quick logo design, and the creation of packaging stickers in the form of address labels.

We worked in a small team to help concept logos and the site itself with useful ideation sessions. Being an internal project time was tight so we were all working at speed including the development. Adobe Illustrator was used for all the branding material while Sketch and Zeplin were relied on heavily to deliver the UI to the developers. The project led to further work for clients with Cohaesus being recommended by BigCommerce.

Aspria Campaign Site

The brief requirement here was to push up sign ups to Aspria’s european health clubs and spas with a campaign landing page. This would be a one pager design with a seperate page for sign up form. Taking a few hints of the brand I was able to push the design with this creative, showing rich large photography to really highlight what the clubs had to offer.

The use of personalisation on this site was another feature, especially using the mobile version would give you a different header and other sections of difference depending where you were near. So the benefits of the local club would be pushed onto you more rather than a general page that covered them all. I worked closely with UX and development to help deliver this project along with the use of Sketch and InVision for presenting the UI concept to the client.

Yoti Product Site

My first brief working with Cohaesus, and required the complete visual overhaul of Yoti's current website to address the limitations of the current design and build. I worked in collaboration with a UX designer and the Creative Director within Yoti, turning the wireframes into final designs ready to go into development, and being on hand for any design difficulties that arose during development.

As some core elements of the brand were remaining, I had to adopt and extend their current Design System within Sketch that evolved as each page was produced. InVision was used to communicate designs to the clients for creative review and sharing updates amongst the project team. Designs were shared with the overseas development team with Zeplin. Problem solving was key along the whole process especially with incorporating mobile designs alongside the desktop views. Applications and skills used during the project: Sketch, Creation of a sharable Design System, Illustrator, InVision, and Zeplin.


Samsung Amazon Landing Page

For the seasonal period, a request for a custom landing page came through for Samsung to promote a range of smart devices alongside a cashback purchase incentive. The minimal white and blue theme continued within the header to keep consistency of other campaign material. The design also contains a campaign hub to house the TV placements that were running during the Christmas period. Applications and skills used during the project: Salesforce, Sketch, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Disney Amazon Fire TV

Another part of the Amazon ecosystem involved projects around the Fire TV product. On this occasion this project was to help advertise the range of Disney family films available to stream on Amazon Prime over the Christmas and New Year period.

The user journey starts from a full span banner to sit within the menu system, a user interaction directs to a Film Carousel. The artwork and design was modified from the supplied campaign assets to keep consistency but fit neatly within the UI of the Amazon Fire TV interface. Applications and skills used during the project: Salesforce, Sketch, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Lego Amazon Landing Page

To coincide with the TV campaign planned for Christmas, I designed and created a custom landing page for the Amazon UK page to highlight key products. I was responsible for a basic UX of the creative, along with the build onto Amazon’s platform.

A secondary function of the custom landing page was to act as a gift guide, directing the user to a list of Lego products sold on Amazon depending on interests and ages of the planned presents. Applications and skills used during the project: Salesforce, Sketch, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Amazon Fire Wake Screens

During my time at Amazon over the Q4 period I created a range of animated wake screen ads for the fire tablet to cater for Black Friday and Christmas promotions. Adhering to the tight specifications of the placement and considering best practice to make the user journey as simple as possible with clear language and UI design.

Along with creating the initial layout of the portrait and landscape views, I was responsible for creating the placements on the amazon platform to distribute the creatives once approved. Applications and skills used during the project: Salesforce, Sketch, Photoshop, and Illustrator.


Which? Black Friday Emails

For the Black Friday period of 2017, Which? saw an opportunity to release a suite of emails sent to their subscribers to cover various questions and pointers of getting the best out of the sales. The previous emails that were being used at the time were over hauled with this fresher cleaner look. The suite contained a total seven emails, so a semi modular design was used to keep a sense of consistency across the set.

Like the banner ads created previous to this, the creative followed the new communication style with bold colour and dark icon artwork using the famous question mark. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Tuborg Open

On the digital side of new business pitch for Tuborg, I was involved in bringing a concept for a social app to life through design and a video animation created in After Effects to demo the product. The intention was to make the app look as real as possible, including all the little details like interaction, swiping, selecting images, and a fully flowing messenger window for the chatbot section.

This video was modified later after the pitch to help sell in a chatbot idea that eventually went into production and released in Eastern Europe. Along with a version that was populated in content for the Asian markets such as China for possible use there. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects.


Canon Interactive Installation

TMW Unlimited were tasked in building an interactive installation for Canon on the technical side. Phase two of the project involved a redesign of the original interface / UI to improve from the original, and include requirements for future use within a retail environment.

My role as a designer involved working closely with UX to identify improvements throughout for a better experience, and to keep the sharp clean style of the original. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Prince’s Trust #partofPT

To mark the 40th anniversary of the prince's trust, an online hub was created for those involved to share their memories and experiences to highlight the size of the trust. The campaign was powered by the Twitter platform hashtag’d to link users video and images into galleries for others to share and add.

My role as a lead designer on the project, involved creating designs that had a clear hierarchy, creation of extra modules and UI that matched the parent site, and were within restraints of technical requirements. Making sure information and instructions in all pages were presented within the design clearly for a wide user age group. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Sony Xperia X

Notified users wishing to be updated about the pre-order of the latest Sony Xperia would receive this email. To really catch their attention I created a simple gif animation for the header using footage from media linked to the campaign to create a intro transition.

Using simple stacked modules with full colour bleed backgrounds ensured recipients would get a similar experience on both desktop and mobile with the responsive template. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects. HTML / CSS for presentation of concept.


Barilla Global Platform

With many operations across the world, the websites lacked consistency with each region. TMW Unlimited was asked to come up with a global solution for markets to use. The team adopted a user centered design approach, identifying various personas and their requirements. The design of modules were heavily reviewed and tested throughout.

I was involved in many sprint sessions throughout the project, working closely with UX and Development to be sure our ideas and solutions were possible. Getting an insight into what websites appealed to the client, the initial creative process started with forming three style tiles, to present three possible design routes using that inspiration to get very close to the vision Barilla had in their minds sooner within a very big project. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and Illustrator. HTML / CSS for presentations during sprints.

thebar.com Campaign Page

To highlight Diageo’s brands over various points of the year, required the creation of a reusable campaign page to match closely the other forms of advertising and marketing released at that time. The focus for the initial creation used campaign material planned for the summer of 2015.

I was tasked with the UX and design on this brief, to form reviewed wireframes after discussions with the client over various requirements. I worked closely with development after to be sure my solution would work within the backend of the site and the browsers the parent site targeted and how to present the campaign clearly for mobile users. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Sony Data Capture

This project involved looking at refreshing sony’s current data capture forms for customer contact details to registration for a new account on their website. Looking at the original UX, I did my best to keep the form clear and sectioned neatly with grouping and clear titles. Giving adequate spacing for error messages and general breathing space between the various blocks of data fields. As with any online project, mobile users were considered from the start. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and Illustrator.


thebar.com Editorial Version

Diageo wanted some options with thebar.com to promote various products at various seasonal points in the year. A proposal to look at making the landing page more editorial was requested, pushing more than one article or link within the header, followed by further drink mixing content below within the rest of the page.

A second part to the project was to look at a new section within the site in the form of a hub of articles, that could be used as a blog. With a purpose of highlighting drink events, seasonal cocktails, recipes, and highlight various diageo products. A freeier approach was adopted with these layout compared to the more structured look and feel of thebar.com. Sadly none of these concepts came to light other than the split header on the current website. Nevertheless, It was a fun exercise in layout experiments. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Ofgem, be an energy shopper

With Ofgem bringing in changes to simplify the energy market, TMW were tasked with creating an online hub of information for the public about these and future changes planned. With a user age range of 18-80 meant ease of use was mandatory across all pages. Colours were contrast checked throughout the design process to cater for as many as possible at AA standard.

A friendly vibe was incorporated into the design with strong use of colour, and SVG Icons that sat with their relative article to avoid lots of FAQ like templates. I worked as a Lead designer and Illustrator throughout the project, working closely with development and UX at many stages. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and Illustrator.


To push the DO:MORE branding of Sure deodorant, TMW covered POS, social, ECRM, print, and a TV ad with this campaign. Focusing on summer festival tickets achieved through competition codes. My first task involved the creation of the online hub and keeping a premium, easy to use style from the landing page, all the way through to the submit form.

I was heavily involved in the creative for online advertising after the hub design. To target as possible, the accompanying media was built both in Flash and the Celtra ad platform to allow rich animation on mobile and tablet devices using html / css. Altogether the campaign achieved 39% ad recognition and one million social impressions. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and Celtra.


Infiniti Website Style Guide

With the completion of both design and development on the infiniti.eu website, the project was ready to not only go live, but the next phase of shipping the project to new markets within Europe could now begin as planned. In order to follow consistency and continue the design I set in place, the client agreed we needed an online hub to house a style guide that these new markets could refer to and follow during the creation of tailored content for their regions.

A very detailed look was included within the pages for interaction states, typography, form modules, pixel sizes, and how marketing emails would follow the design style of the parent site they were sent from. Research before the project involved in looking at best in class examples available from UX articles and blogs, to get an idea of how to make the pages as useful as possible to current leading standards and presenting the detailed information. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Infiniti Website Relaunch

While the Infiniti.com website was being built for Europe, TMW were asked to create a brand hub to fill the gap in between and overhaul the current site used for the region. Design, UX and development worked closely within a small team over a period of a few months to be seamless in creating the site.

A key requirement was to present the user with information that was considered yet organised, and to avoid being text heavy. Focusing on full bleed imagery to highlight the premium products Infiniti were creating. Clear navigation, easy on the eye, and a strategy to simplify the user journey and to increase user engagement to eventually submitting their information for a possible test drive. User base for the site increased by 26% compared to the previous hub. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and Illustrator.

BBC iPlayer

This brief was part of a pitch within the BBC, over methods on how to monetise parts of the iPlayer outside the UK for oversea customers, similar to subscription services and iTunes. Taking the strategy and user journey on how this could be a possibility, my task involved bringing this to life within the design of program landing pages on the main BBC website, while working closely with an Art Director and UX.

I had to balance usability and cosmetics to keep a page looking rich and appealing with full bleed backgrounds, while being easy to use for multiple personas. Keeping the BBC brand and careful consideration to UI and CTA’s. A strong focus on designing for tablet use was a requirement throughout. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Diageo, thebar.com

The first brief I started on when joining TMW soon became the biggest too. Diageo’s theBar.com at the time existed only in the US as a cocktail recipe site. A release planned for Europe allowed an opportunity to redesign, and rethink the entire user journey completely, from page layout right down to the UI. Working with an Art Director, and UX helped to keep the balance of a premium yet usable site.

Brand awareness was in union alongside clearly presented cocktail recipes and never overpowering. After launch results were impressive too, 300,000 average visits a month, with 50% of traffic from portable devices, and over 100 social shares a week. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and Illustrator.


Team GB, adidas

In the run up to the Olympics in 2012, adidas wanted to release a new line of Stella McCartney designed sportswear. To create interest and provide information to potential customers about these new products, an idea was formed to create a microsite from scratch that lived inside adidas.com.

Featuring a one page site solution and having control over the UX, I decided on accordions and tabs to house the relative sections. With access to rich photography provided by adidas, made the process of achieving a premium look and feel much easier. A small team involving myself, a producer, a developer, and an account manager had complete ownership of the project throughout. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Are You In, adidas

Releasing alongside TV and print with adidas’ “Are You In” Campaign, glue Isobar were tasked with creation of a competition hub that would be another route to gaining awareness on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The competitions were more focused on the brand interacting with current culture than to do with sport.

Design wise I pushed to make the layout as rich as possible but not overpowering. Clear division between sections with use of full bleed backgrounds of campaign imagery to link to the other areas of the advertising. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Nokia N9

For the release of Nokia’s N9 glue Isobar had presented a concept and idea around an AR website using the webcam api in Flash to interact with the phone using gestures. Here users could get an insight into the latest UI of the phone and see all other features and benefits with the product. After experimenting with the handset I went on to design and direct a style that matched the bold colours of the handset and take hints of the UI on the phone’s OS.

CTA’s were treated more like hotspots than buttons, and required a different approach to other microsites previously designed. I supported the Flash developers during the build stage, supplying assets and animating sequences and screens in After Effects. Applications and skills used during the project: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and After Effects.